12 problems in High Power LED Lighting Application

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12 problems in High Power LED Lighting Application

Human’s lighting history has experienced three times: incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, high intensity gas discharge lamp. LED as the fourth generation light source has follows excellent characteristic: high luminous efficiency, less power consumption, long service life, safety reliability etc.  In recent years, LED lighting became popular gradually, but there are still existing some problems in high power LED in lighting application.

1, LED Color Difference Problem

Single LED application, basically there is no color difference problem. But when put many LEDs into to a lamp or with multiple LEDs at the same time, the color difference problem will be out. Although there are machines divide LEDs into 8 divisions by color temperature, with a batch of LEDs in a same color temperature still exists differenceS, and this difference is still can’t escape the naked eye.

2, LED Insulation Problem

A single LED is not insulated, impact can be ignored. But when lots of LEDs in series, insulation will be a problem.

3, LED Pulse resistance problem

This problem is still controversial. But, do exist in practical application. It mainly happened on a cold pulse. The moment of power on, a few LEDs will be breakdown or disconnected.

4, LED Beam Angle Problem

Due to various LED lens, and even the same beam angle, effect is also different. It makes it harder to select snoot.

5, LED Hidden Danger of Blinded Problem

LED light is dot light, its concentration light souce makes center super  brightness, so it is easy to hurt people’s eyes.

6, LED Heat Dissipation Problem

In theory, the LED is low hot, but as a result of current technology, LED heat’s problem is still need to be solved.

7, LED Efficiency Problem

At present, LED electric conversion efficiency is low.

8, LED Brightness Problem

For some application, like store spot light. It’s brightness is not enought to replace the traditional light.

9, LED Lumens depreciation and Life Problem

At present, LED light failure problem is still serious. Additional cooling solution is good or bad, driver matching or not is likely to affect LED light failure and life. So, 10,0000 hours are just a selling point.

10, LED Driver Problem

LED is driven by DC. Using constant current control, makes the drive circuit quite big, and efficiency low. At the same time, the driver life span is too much short than LED’s.

11, LED Modelling Limit

Due to the nature of single side lighting, LED lamp is limited by a certain shape.

12, LED Price Problem

It is still high price for quality products.




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