Idea of Architecture Lighting Application

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Idea of Architecture Lighting

Architecture lighting application is used lighting to creative the image of buildings according to the structure by playing the role of beautification, identifying. Generally includes floodlighting, outline lighting, back lighting, dynamic lighting, etc.


Flood lighting is used floodlights to directly illuminate the building by a certain angle. Reshape the structure image in the night. The effect can not only show the outline of the building, but also make the structure modelling, stereo feeling, building material feeling. And decorative detail processing, can be showed effectively. Flood lighting is not simply to reproduce the structure of the image during the day, but takes advantage of the illumination light, color, shade to reshape the building at night more charming, handsome and majestic image.


Outline lighting is using the LED dot light every 30-50cm continuously to make a light line, or the LED liner light, or LED strip light to outline the building. With a narrow beam angle LED project light spot the building edge can also play the role of outline.


Back light is used indoor light or in a special position lamps transmitted light from inside the building to outward, forming exquisite illumination effect.

Dynamic lighting is based on light to join with control system, upgrade sensual feelings.


Architecture Lighting Applicationbasic requirements:

1, Prominent theme, sharp features, emphasize building image.

2, Highlight the key point, at the same time ensures the general effect, assurance lighting coordinated with around environment.

3, Lighting technical and artistic combination.

4, Comply with the relevant planning and specification requirements;

5, Suitable color light;

6, Choose reasonable way of lighting floodlighting, outline lighting, back lighting, dynamic lighting).

7, Energy saving;

8, Avoiding glare or light interference to inside the buildings and watcher.

9, Control system design should be flexible;

10, Lighting facilities should be safe and reliable, easy to maintenance.



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