LED Lighting Maintenance

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LED Lighting Maintenance

Traditional factory, warehouse and office lighting maintenance is often painful and can incur high energy costs. What we get to see on a regular basis are failing ballasts, blown tubes and bulbs and reduced light output. Did you know that with fluorescents, if a tube is removed or blown, the fixture’s ballast still draws the same energy as if the light was 100% operational?

Traditional lights can be expensive to maintain and can consume large amounts of energy making up a significant chunk of a business’s hydro bill. By today’s LED standards, traditional lighting delivers very poor light levels and light quality. Unlike residential customers who only have lights on for a few hours per day, most industrial facilities have the lights on most of the time. While residential lighting uses 40-100 Watts per traditional incandescent bulb, traditional industrial lighting uses much more energy per larger fixtures.

Lamp lumen depreciation is another phenomenon that affects all the traditional lighting. Quality LED lighting is now typically rated at 50,000+ hours with by comparison minor degradation of light quality. Aging traditional lamps will steadily produce less light, while burning up the same energy as when they were new. The long-life performance of the Pristine LED fixtures means that clients can now expect to get as much as 10 years of life out of each fixture – the first five covered by our 5 year replacement warranty.

When maintenance and electricity are combined, industrial facilities are looking at traditional lighting costs that approach $1 per square foot per year. For these clients, the benefits of LEDs (lower wattage, long life and suitability to energy-saving controls) make them extremely compelling – especially with a payback period of one to two years. Intelligent LEDs – with integrated sensors, controls and optics as developed by Pristine LED can drive this cost down to audit savings of 90% or less than ¢.04 per square foot per year.


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