led ground light

LED Ground Light 9W

LED Ground Light


1.RGB LED ground light
2.front cover:stainless steel
5.beam angle:45

Product Description

LED Ground Light Features:

1.Using LED as light source, various color: red, yellow, green, blue, white and RGB.

2.LED underground light is environment friendly, no UV or IR radiation and no hazardous materials.

3.The light cover has good function of waterproof and dustproof.

4.Low energy consumption and low maintenance cost

5.CE certificate and ROHS approved

6.Replacement bulbs for general lighting

7.Long life and easy to install

8.Brighter than traditional light,Save more than 60% energy


LED Ground Light Informations:

WL-GL-TA04-3R3G3B-24V L350*W100*H60mm 9*1W RGB

LED Ground Light Using Place:

They are widely used for decorative lighting in gardens, streets, square, villa, parks, lawns, supermarket, parking lots, exclusive stores, virescence places, tourist attractions and amusement places. They can make dynamic and beautiful scenes.



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