What is LED Flood Light

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What is LED Flood Light-Cartoon

Flood lighting is the use of high-powered light bulbs to illuminate a large, outdoor space. It is permanently installed in place and requires a great deal of electricity. There are three main types of flood lighting applications: facade, sign, and general area. Each of these locations has unique issues and challenges that must be address. Power supply, maintenance, and installation are just a few examples.

It is very common to use flood lighting to accentuate the architectural features of a historical or impressive building. The use of flood lights enhances the details of the building. When installing this type of lighting, it is important to consider placement, power, and maintenance.

The dimensions of the building determine the physical size of the lighting unit. To illuminate a very tall building, the lighting unit must be large enough to project the level of light required. In general, the unit should be placed at least 75% of the building height away from the base of the building.

These types of lighting require a dedicated power source. Work with electrical engineers to determine the best circuit design to ensure there is sufficient power. Keep in mind that exterior lighting should be attached to an emergency generator. Discuss the wiring options and decide if the flood lights are considered part of the emergency lighting system.


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