Architectural Lighting

Flood Light LED | Wall Washer Light LED | Project Light LED


Today, architectural lighting is increasingly being used to create a nocturnal environment in which the city takes on a new identity, creating a more livable community that residents are proud of.

The high brightness on the wall decorates the beauty curve and also creates happiness of the night, from the mixing wonderful color and the dynamic motif. Meanwhile, the mellow brightness on the wall shows the peace of the night.

WAHLL LED light can quickly help you upgrade your building.

Energy saving, saving more 50% than traditional light and long life spans cut down on energy use and maintenance costs, making facilities less costly to operate.

Green: Super environmental, no humming, no RF interference, so resident and other workers will stay healthier, feels more comfortable, and is more productive.

More decorative function and more environmentally friendly and modernise a city or town’s image.

The following light is popular for architecture light : Flood Light LED, Wall Washer Light LED, Project Light LED


architeture lighting

architeture light