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Office light application

Staff spends one third of their lives in the office, so it’s important that the work environment encourages innovation and increases efficiency.

Office light should be intended to reduce glare and reflections off the work surface that causes visual discomfort. Luminaries’ efficacies for office light depend on the light output on the desk plane instead of total light output from the luminaries.

Office light solution

WAHLL LED light solutions are open enough to achieve these goals in a range of office types, like an open room, closed rooms, meeting halls, lobbies and utilities. In addition, our solutions also ensure your office is environmentally safe and a healthier place to work in.

Office light advantage

No UV &IR light, No Mercury, No flash, visual comfort means the environment and health protection.

Light source soft and uniformity, no light spot brings out the details of the office decor, upgrading the enviroment of the office which makes your clients feel comfortable.

Long lifespan, seismic performance is excellent helps reduce maintenance costs, helping businesses save more money.

No harmful material, recycling acrylic and aluminum alloy material, LED light brings your office into the green era of sustainable business.

Office light products

In LED office light design, the following LED indoor light products are widely used: Down Light LED, Light Bulbs LED, LED Tube Light, Panel light LED etc.


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