School Light

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School light application

School light and university light are a unique lighting system, which is focused on follows factor: visibility, visual comfort, safety and good performance. That fits the atmosphere in the classroom, to energize or calm students, or help them to focus better. At the same time, cost for light fixture, energy costs, sustainability, maintenance cost is also should be pay attention.

School light solution

WAHLL LED light solutions are flexible enough to accomplish these goals in a range of school types. Our solutions also ensure your classroom is environmentally safe and a healthier place to study.

School light advantage

Pure white brings out the details of the classroom decor, subtly improving aesthetics that student will notice.

No IR and UV rays which make the light distribution are healthier and less harsh, putting the student at ease letting them learn better and healthier.

The low operating temperature and long life helps reduce maintenance costs, environment friendly.

Made with non-toxic materials, LED light brings your classroom into the green era for studying.

School light products

In LED school light design, the following LED indoor light products are widely used: Light Bulbs LED, LED Tube Light, Panel Light LED etc.


School Light/ LED Panel Light/WAHLL Lighting

School Light/ LED Panel Light