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For hotels and other establishments that take customer service very sincerely, lighting plays an important role in creating a visually comforting and attractive environment.

Lighting a hotel or restaurant is a complicated issue. Internally the lighting must also be adjustable, capable of making a wide range of atmosphere to make the guest feel welcome, safe and comfortable. External decorative lighting is essential to draw attention, while indoor lighting must be finely tuned to create a nonviolent, pleasant, and luxurious atmosphere.

WAHLL LED light solutions can create an ever-changing palette of moods, each tailor-made for a specific moment, or specific use. And equally importantly is the low maintenance such systems require, delivering greatly reduced operating costs.

No UV or IR radiation in the beam, mercury free, which excludes the harshness, increases guest comfort, and is healthier as well.

Energy Saving. Saving 70% electricity cost to traditional light, long life spans and heat-free operation severely cut down on hotel maintenance and energy costs.

Instant on, no warm up time required.

Brings hotels into a new era of sustainability, creating greener and human friendly environments from all lighting applications.

Lighting design is very important in hotel and the following indoor light and outdoor light will often be considered, including LED Tube Light, Down Light LED, Light Bulbs LED, Flood Light LED etc.


Hotel lighting

Hotel light