Landscape Light

Flood Light LED | Wall Washer Light LED | Underwater Light LED | Underground Light LED


Landscape light is increasingly being used to create a fantastic environment in which the landscape takes on a new identity, creating a more livable community.

WAHLL LED lighting can respire modern life, like government facilities can quickly be modernized, presenting a more face to the public.

High efficiency and long life spans cut down on energy costs and maintenance costs, making public facilities less costly to manage, which will satisfy tax payers or property owners.

No IR and UV light produced, so the property owner or resident will stay healthier, feels more comfortable.

No mercury makes buildings more environmentally friendly and improves a build or a city’s image.

The following LED outdoor lights are popular for landscape light : Flood Light LED, Wall Washer Light LED, Underwater Light LED, Underground Light LED


Landscape lighting

Landscape light