floor lights

Floor Lights 30W

Floor Lights

High power LED
White/Warm White


Product Description

Floor Lights Features

1. High brightness high power LED (Light-Emitting Diode) or low power 5mm led

2. Units featuring an exceptional 35,000 hours long life under normal operating conditions.

3. Continuously variable light intensity.

4. No UV / No infrared.

5. Virtually instant light production (10 ns)

6. Strobe facility (20 fps)

7. Easy to install and operate


Floor Lights Specifications

WL-GL-RA06-30W Φ300*H60mm 30*1W White/Warm White

Floor Lights Applications

Widely used for decorative lighting in gardens, streets, Garden peedestrian street, parking area, Square night view, plaza. Residential areas, Road lighting.



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