LED Lights Wall Washer High Finish

LED Lights Wall Washer High Finish

LED Lights Wall Washer High Finish



Product Description

LED Lights Wall Washer High Finish Features

1. Adopt high brightness and high power LED bead.

2. Liner design good for narrow space washing and easy installation, adjustable angle fit for free washing.

3. 75% energy saving and eco-friendly

4. High shock/vibration resistant.

5. High IP grade, IP65.

6. Minimum maintenance cost.

7. Meet European and US standard. CE&RoHS certificate.

8. Long lifetime, 35,000hours.

9. No glare.

10. White, warm white, red, green, blue, yellow color and RGB available.

11. Adopting excellent aluminum alloy with good heat dissipation structure.

12. Utilize high quanlity LED driver, constant current circuit which supplies stable output current.

13. High transparenc,y non-distortion PMMA optical lens.

14. It can work in independent mode and DMX mode, which can generate various color changing effects, such as flashing, fading, steady ,seven color jumping synchronously etc.


LED Lights Wall Washer High Finish Specifications

Input Voltage 100-250v

Output Voltage: 24V DC Input Current 300mA~350mA

Power 36W

Beam Angle 15°/25°/30°/45°/60°

Protection Level: IP65

LED Qty: 36 high power LED

Beam Angle: 30° /45°/60°/90°/120°

Dimension: 1000mm*65mm*75mm

Work Environment: IP65 (applicable for dry, wet, damp environment)

Color and Luminance

White    2,880 lm
Warm White    2,880 lm
Red    1,080 lm
Green    1,800 lm
Blue    720 lm
RGB    1,080 lm
RGB(DMX512)    1,080 lm


Applications of LED Wall Washer

1. Building, bridge, shore of river, square, garden,

2. School, university,library, hospital, hotel,

3. Factory, workshop, R&D dep., warehouse, office, palnt;

4. Supermarket, Times Square, shopping mall;


LED Lights Wall Washer High Finish

LED Lights Wall Washer High Finish


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