underwater lights

Underwater Lights 12W RGB

LED underwater lamp


1.12W power LED.

2. IP68 for outdoor;
3. Inner/external controlling;
4. RGB available.


Product Description

Underwater Lights 12W RGB Features:

1)Adopting high-power LED as light source. Energy-saving, environment protecting and long life.

2)Low working voltage, secure and reliable.

3)Protecting rating: IP68, can work under water for long time.

4)High temperature resisting.

5)Easy for lights penetration.

6)Low power consumption.

7)Good color saturation.

8)Energy sawing up to 80%.

9)Transmittance as hight as 92%.

10)5mm toughened transparent glass.

11)CE and RoHS certificated.


Underwater Lights 12W RGB Specifications:

WL-PU-8C2-4R4G4B RGB 360 lm 12*1W Φ153*H165
WL-PU-8C2-4R4G4B-DMX RGB(DMX512) 360 lm




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