under water lighting

Under Water Lighting 9W

LED underwater light



Round Design

Product Description

Under Water Lighting 9W Features:

Die-cast steel housing and tempered glass cover

Anti-creep and corrosion preventive

IP code: IP68

Low voltage running for safety operation

Adjustable emitting directions

Color available only gray

Projection distance: 50m

Weight: 2.6kg (including the packing box)

LED type and quantity: 3 pieces Epistar red/green/blue chip LED

Easy connection and installation system

Long lifespan: up to 30,000 hours

Warranty: 3 years

LED source: 1W high-powered LED source


Under Water Lighting 9W Applications:

Aquatic lights

Pool lights

Waterfalls, spring lights

Projection lights

Entertainment lights


WL-PU-8B5-9W White 720 lm 9*1W Φ160*H85
WL-PU-8B5-9WW Warm White 720 lm
WL-PU-8B5-9R Red 270 lm
WL-PU-8B5-9G Green 450 lm
WL-PU-8B5-9B Blue 180 lm
WL-PU-8B5-3R3G3B RGB 270 lm
WL-PU-8B5-3R3G3B-DMX RGB(DMX512) 270 lm


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