SMD LED Comparison

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SMD LED has many types,which are produced in a variety of shapes and sizes, the most common type of LEDS are: 2835,3528,3020,3030,3535,3014,4014,5050,5060,5730. Which LED is the brightest? The current and wattage of each type?



Below SMD LED chart show you the comparison of each type:


Let’s see the table of content:


As you can see,different SMD LED  type has different current an lumen.

You can easily calculate the brightness an the power of LED light through above LED chart.

This chart for the various types of LED’s and their correct lumens. The LED technology is developing , the data may be changed in near future,

please put in your bookmark,we will update the newest technic information ,or we warmly welcome you to contact

us  for the detail  information, we are always glad to help.


Pros and Cons of SMD LED

The sum of total power of all LEDs is lower of higher according to above chart,is it something wrong?

Gorgeous:well,,as for the lower total power led light:many engineers lower the power(reduce the standard current of led),

as a result,the lumen  of each led will be reduced accordingly,how to  have the same or even higher total output lumen of  LED light?

The solution is to increase the quantity of the LEDs.(see the below example)

For example: standard SMD led 2835(a):[email protected]

10 pcs standard SMD LED 2835(a)



If we lower the power to half (by reduce the current):0.1w per LED

Now 10 pcs lower power SMD LED 2835(a)


Lumen: about 175lm(60% of standard lumen,usually,reduce half of the power does’t mean half of  the lumen disappeared.Why?

Because,LED has higher luminous efficient when in lower current)

If we increase the quantity of lower power SMD LED 2835(a) to 20pcs ( The current for each LED is the same)



You will easily find that, the lumen is higher though the total power is the same .(Because the light efficient is higher)


This is a solution that most  of the engineers probably use to improve the light efficient.


In meanwhile, the cost of led will be higher accordingly due to there needs more quantity of leds.

* the calculation based on  the same input led driver power supply, we assume the power efficient is the same .


SMD LED Comparison



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