LED SMD Technology

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LED SMD Technology

Scientists have been seeking higher LED products and technologies. LED SMD are light-emitting diodes in which the elements of the diodes are mounted directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards. A printed circuit board is a flat board used to electrically connect and support electronic components. LEDs are bulbs that fit into an electric circuit and are illuminated by the movement of electrons.
Depending on the size, we put them into different SMD types, So now we have the 3528 LED SMD , 5050 LED SMD, 2835 LED SMD, 3030 LED SMD.  5050 SMD have 3 pcs chips, so can make Red ,Green and Blue color to in one lLED SMD. 3pcs chips LED SMD Advantage of better brightness, longer life time. 3030 LED SMD as its high lumen and low price advantage. Now become popular and popular.


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